Samsung announced the development of the first 512gb ddr5 memory: frequency up to 7200mhz

Samsung Electronics announced today (March 25) that it has developed the industry's first ddr5 memory module with a capacity of 512gb.
It is reported that the storage particles are manufactured by high dielectric metal gate (HKMG) transistor process to further reduce leakage. The capacity of a single DRAM chip is 16GB (2GB). Through TSV perforation, it realizes 8-layer stacking, that is 16GB. If it makes up 512gb, it needs 32 chips in total.

In terms of speed, the speed of this ddr5 memory module is as high as 7200mbps, which is 7200mhz. Even so, Samsung says power consumption is down 13%.
Carolyn Duran, vice president of Intel, confirmed that Samsung's new ddr5 memory is compatible with the next generation of sapphire rapids. According to the roadmap, sapphire rapids should be the fourth generation of Xeon scalable processor. It will be launched before the end of the year. In addition to ddr5, it will also launch pci5.0.
Samsung said that a number of its ddr5 memory has entered the sample stage.
For ordinary consumers, the support for ddr5 will wait until the 12th generation of alder lake and AMD zen4 in the second half of the year.