Bandwidth growth of 10 times, delay reduction of 10 times, this technology can make your home's network speed faster

With 5g technology gradually moving towards large-scale commercial use, in addition to the speed improvement of mobile terminals, the high bandwidth speed of fixed scenarios has become the demand of the era of smart Internet.
On February 24, Huawei released the "F5G super site" solution for global operators at the 2021 MWC Shanghai Exhibition. This solution has been upgraded in three aspects: architecture, experience and base.
Among them, in the change of network architecture, the scheme realizes the board level optical switching function through the optical waveguide routing technology, reduces the size of the device by 80%, deploys the optical switching capability to the edge of the network, and supports the frog hop architecture. Huawei claims that it can make its business jump into the cloud and create a one millisecond delay circle.
According to public information, F5G is the 5th generation technology and standard of fixed network defined by ETSI (European Telecommunication Standards Association) in February 2020. It mainly focuses on optical fiber communication and has the characteristics of super large bandwidth, safety and reliability, certainty and low delay.
"If 5g is a net in the sky, then F5G is a net on the ground." Huang Zhiyong, vice president of Huawei's transmission and access product line, at MWC In an interview with an interface news reporter in 2021, F5G focuses on fixed scenarios rather than 5g focused mobile scenarios, such as the extreme optical fiber network in home scenarios, intelligent manufacturing, office scenarios, and bandwidth devices used in data centers in enterprise parks, all of which use the "optical technology" represented by F5G.
According to the on-site staff of MWC Huawei booth, F5G can be widely used in various scenes of smart city. As the equipment provider, Huawei's all-optical network base based on F5G can help operators better provide more stable network services for government enterprises and home broadband market, and improve user experience.

Huang Zhiyong compares such technology to "the high-speed entrance to the digital world". He explained that if people can quickly find the high-speed intersection and reach the destination through the least traffic lights in the process of daily traffic and travel, then the travel efficiency can reach the highest. F5G super station is such a high-speed entrance connecting the digital world.
Huang Zhiyong also predicted that after Huawei's solution for operators is released, after operators' debugging and application, people will be able to use faster optical fiber network in home and other scenes in about half a year to a year.
For the general public, the arrival of F5G technology means higher broadband speed, lower delay and wider coverage. In the home scenario, the bandwidth can be increased by up to 10 times, and the delay can be reduced by about 10 times. The optical cat connected to the home can also cover the wireless network to a larger space.
According to the white paper on global optical communication industry (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) released by Ernst & Young on January 28 this year, the global downstream market revenue of optical communication will reach 1.4 trillion RMB in 2020, and will maintain a high-speed growth at an average annual growth rate of about 18%. It is expected to create about 3.2 trillion RMB downstream application market space by 2025. Among them, the upgrading of optical LAN in the park and the pan entertainment applications for individuals and families will be the two important factors driving the 1 trillion class market.
At present, in addition to Huawei, Fiberhome communications, Changfei optical fiber and other enterprises have layout in F5G all optical network solutions. Huang Zhiyong said that by 2025, 85% of enterprises will go to the cloud; in the home market, the epidemic situation makes people realize the importance of home network. To seize the opportunity of government, enterprise and family, Huawei is also an important layout in the 5g era.