IPhone 12 Mini sales are very low, Apple needs to lose money: it will pay compensation to Samsung

In October last year, Apple launched four iPhone 12 series phones at one time. Among them, the iPhone 12 Mini is equipped with a 5.4-inch OLED display, which is the first time that Apple has shrunk the screen in recent years.
As a result, it has become the cheapest one in the iPhone 12 series, but the cheaper price has not brought better sales for the iPhone 12 Mini. Instead, it has become a "problem" flagship due to the lack of battery life.

Data shows that the iPhone 12 Mini is the worst performing model in the series of four models, and its sales volume is far lower than the other three products. Therefore, there are many reports that Apple will cut its production, or even stop production of the model.
The collapse of iPhone 12 Mini sales has also affected supply chain companies, including Samsung, which supplies screen panels to apple.
Recently, Apple has cut the production of iPhone 12 mini series by 70%, which has also led to Samsung's small size OLED panel shipment down by 9% to 45 million pieces, so Apple will need to pay Samsung corresponding compensation.
According to the source, Samsung is the exclusive supplier of iPhone 5.4-inch OLED screen, and apple has agreed on an exclusive sales plan in the purchase agreement to strive for the maximum price discount. However, the sales volume of iPhone 12 Mini failed to meet Apple's promise, so Apple needs to compensate Samsung.
It is worth noting that there was a rumor that the iPhone 13 series will also launch four models, including the small-size iPhone 13 mini model. However, judging from Apple's current practice, it is not ruled out that the model will be cut off before it goes on the market, which will be a major regret for small screen fans.