Huawei HMS will be integrated by other Chinese brand mobile phones: as Google GMS failure backup

HMS core is officially launched. Its open capabilities cover seven areas of services, including: app services, graphics, media, AI, smart device, security and system. Compared with Google's GMS, Huawei's HMS has many technical capabilities that the latter does not have, including ar map, distributed and communication technology, etc.

Akiba ziluo, a Huawei employee, revealed that at least one domestic mobile phone brand (non glory) besides Huawei will launch a mobile phone pre installed with HMS core as a backup when Google's GMS fails.
According to Huawei's data, as of December last year, HMS had covered 500 million live users in 170 countries and regions.
HMS core may only be the first step. After Huawei started the public upgrade of Hongmeng OS 2.0 in April, other domestic brand manufacturers may join in the future.