OLED is coming! The first year of commercialization of mini LED TV: used by many manufacturers

For a long time, the panel of TV is almost divided into LCD and OLED.
Mini LED manufacturers are expected to enter the mainstream TV industry in the next two years.
Last week, TCL launched two mini led TVs at the 2021 spring new product line launch, including the 85 inch 8K Mini LED backlight smart screen LCD TV, which is its flagship new product of color TV, as well as Skyworth and Changhong. In 2021, three domestic terminal brands have launched new mini LED TV products.

Previously, on CES, a number of TV companies including Samsung, TCL, LG and Hisense exhibited Mini led TVs, which can be said to have become the current phenomenon products in the color TV industry.
Although the current Mini led only exists in the backlight level, and essentially relies on the LCD panel, it does not hinder its rapid growth.
On the market side, a number of institutions are also optimistic about the forecast of mini LED TV. According to Ovi cloud data, the global shipment of mini LED TV is expected to reach 4 million units in 2021, showing an exponential growth compared with the scale of more than 200000 units in the previous year.
OLED is coming! The first year of commercialization of mini LED TV: used by many manufacturers
In contrast, OLED TV, which has been promoted in the high-end market for many years, will only ship 3.652 million units in 2020, which has not made an effective or perceptible breakthrough.
Laser TV, which also faces the large and super large size market, is still a "niche" product with less than 1% sales volume, although it continues to grow rapidly in recent years.
Therefore, with the increasing popularity of mini LED TV, its ability to set off some waves in the color TV market is undoubtedly worthy of attention.
After all, under the background that the scale of the color TV industry encounters a ceiling and the overall price level is at a historical low, both enterprises and the market need new stories to inject vitality and improve efficiency!
On the other hand, the accelerated promotion of mini LED TV by color TV manufacturers may have a certain impact on OLED TV, but it is more to enrich the level of high-end TV. Mini LED TV, OLED TV, laser TV and other products will "coexist" in the high-end market.
For mini LED TV, scale and cost will still be the key to its growth.