Superconducting thin film technology brings new breakthrough. Songshanhu materials laboratory has successfully developed advanced laser coating equipment

Zhao Zhongxian, academician of Guangdong Songshanhu materials laboratory, initiated the establishment of a research team and acted as a consultant. He successfully developed a "three beam pulsed laser co deposition coating system" based on domestic components, and prepared large-size double-sided YBCO superconducting single crystal films, bringing a new breakthrough for the preparation of high-quality and applied superconducting thin films in China.

In addition, the team leader said that the large-size double-sided YBCO single crystal thin film is a good carrier for the design of high-temperature superconducting thin film devices, and the high-temperature superconducting thin film devices are important components for the development of future communication technology and ultra-high performance radar detectors, which have ten important application prospects.
According to the introduction, the equipment realizes technology integration innovation based on domestic components, including using domestic small solid-state pulse laser to realize multi beam co deposition, modularized overall displacement of laser and optical system, and independent research and development of control software to realize intelligent operation, etc.
It is worth mentioning that with this equipment, the team has also successfully prepared 2-inch double-sided YBCO superconducting single crystal films, pushing the pulsed laser deposition technology to a new height for preparing high-quality applied film products.