Huawei mobile phone built-in applications gradually adapt to HarmonyOS

Harmony OS 2.0 mobile developer beta activity. The beta version of harmony OS 2.0 was officially released. At the same time, the beta of harmonyos2.0 mobile developer has opened a public beta. Huawei said that harmonyos is a full scene distributed operating system for the era of Internet of things. Huawei hopes to work with partners and developers to create a super terminal experience for the era of Internet of things.
Recently, some netizens found that in the new crowd test task of Huawei's crowd test app, a new test version of its own application has been released. The version of "smart search" app upgrades the search function of Huawei mobile phone. The first upgrade is "result page adapts to Hongmeng." At the same time, the latest task switch is added to optimize other functions.
Huawei Hongmeng OS adaptation has entered the final stage. Both the underlying capabilities and the subtle adjustment of UI are moving towards maturity and stability. The first models to upgrade Hongmeng's operating system will be launched in April.
Yu Chengdong, Huawei's managing director and CEO of consumer business, said at the launch of Huawei's matex2 mobile phone: "starting from April this year, Huawei's flagship mobile phones can be upgraded to Hongmeng OS in succession, and Huawei's matex2 folding screen will be upgraded in the first batch."