Morgan Stanley: in the future, electric vehicles will be reduced to $5000 per vehicle, which Chinese netizens disdain

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas pointed out in a report released this week that according to frequent discussions between Morgan Stanley and automobile equipment manufacturers, suppliers and experts in the field of electric vehicles, it is believed that the price of electric vehicles is expected to continue to decline in the next 10 years, and eventually drop to about $5000 (about RMB 32500) per vehicle, equivalent to one tenth of the current price . In fact, in the past decade, with the expansion of battery production scale, the cost of electric vehicles has decreased significantly. Tesla, for example, launched its first electric car in 2008 for about $100000. At present, the price of the low configuration version of the new model 3 is $37490, which is lower than the average price of new cars in the United States. In other countries and regions, there are already low-cost electric vehicles selling at around $5000.