South Korean users file a class action against operators because 5g network quality fails to meet expectations

Currently, hundreds of 5g users in South Korea intend to jointly take legal proceedings against SK Telecom, KT and LG u+ (LG uplus), the three major telecom operators in South Korea, because the 5g network connection provided by these operators is not smooth and the network quality is poor.
As of Thursday, about 1000 South Korean 5g smartphone users expressed their intention to participate in collective litigation and sought compensation of at least one million won ($890) from three mobile operators for their 5g network quality not meeting expectations. These users pointed out that although 5g charges are more expensive, the quality of service is not satisfactory.

Kim Jin wook believes that 5g network quality has not improved significantly compared with previous 4G LTE networks, and there are some disadvantages such as limited availability.
According to opensignal, an industry research institute, three South Korean telecom operators had deployed 166250 5g base stations as of November last year, reaching only 19 percent of the 4G base stations in the Korean market.
Currently, 5g network in South Korea mainly covers large cities such as Seoul. The goal of Korean operators is to achieve 5g network coverage nationwide by next year.
In addition, South Korean operators initially claimed that 5g downloads were 20 times faster than 4G LTE, but a government report last year found that the average 5g download speed in South Korea was about four times faster than 4G.
"Given that 5g package is 50000 won more than 4G LTE package, we hope that each user who signs a two-year contract plan will receive a compensation of 1 million won," Kim Jin wook said
He added that the collective action will be launched in May this year after gathering more participants.
In fact, 5g users in South Korea have long complained about the actual 5g network speed and quality less than the carrier's earlier propaganda.
The consumer National Council of consumer organization, a consumer rights protection organization, recommended in October last year that Korean operators pay up to 350000 won for each user applying for mediation due to poor 5g service quality.
According to the South Korean ICT ministry, as of January this year, the number of 5g users in South Korea was 12.87 million, accounting for 18.2% of the total number of 70.69 million mobile network users in South Korea.
South Korean telecom operators have recently launched a cheaper 5g package to achieve faster 4G user network migration. As of January this year, 4G users accounted for the majority of the total number of mobile network users in South Korea, accounting for about 73 percent.