ASUS launches rt-ax82u Tencent e-commerce version of routing and accelerates the development of proprietary computer room

ASUS rt-ax82u dual band 5400m router adopts Broadcom engine, three core 1.5GHz processor, 4x4 160MHz Super bandwidth, OFDMA transmission mode, multi device and multi-channel connection, supports panoramic network acceleration, adopts professional e-game port + net open + mobile game e-game mode, and supports aimesh large family networking.

It is equipped with independent competitive ports, full of 2000m optical fiber, and supports WAN / LAN dual port link aggregation, with output rate up to 2gbps.
This route is built by ASUS in-depth cooperation with Tencent. The official said that 800 + global nodes, Tencent cloud dedicated line acceleration and low latency, and proprietary IDC room stable acceleration.