30gbit per second faster than wi-fi6! BMW iDrive 8.0 officially released

BMW has officially released a new generation of car engine system iDrive 8, which introduces a new curved display for the first time, supports 5g interconnection, and adds Gigabit Ethernet technology. The fastest speed can reach 30gbit per second, faster than wi-fi6, which can be called the strongest car engine system.
In addition, BMW also said that BMW IX will be the first to carry the new BMW iDrive system, and will be officially launched in China in 2021.

IDrive 8 retains the first generation of static knob operation control keys on the system hardware, and is replaced with more delicate transparent texture. With the touch operation keys hidden in the wood grain decorative board, it not only improves the practicability, but also further highlights the sense of luxury.
30gbit per second faster than wi-fi6! BMW iDrive 8.0 officially released
The new vehicle engine system is presented by a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel and a 14.9-inch suspended central control screen. The two large screens are integrated to form a curved surface display. All displays have a graphics resolution of 200 PPI (pixels per inch).
In the instrument panel information display and head up display system, users can switch between three different themes: luxury driving, focusing on sports and simple art.
Based on the new principle of information interaction, the three displays in the car can cooperate perfectly, providing optimized interface layout and information display priority.
It is worth mentioning that the new iDrive 8 also uses 5g technology for the first time. 5g data transmission speed is faster, delay is lower, and interconnection with the outside world is more efficient. In the future, it will bring improvement and innovation in the fields of entertainment, information, automatic driving and road safety.
5g will also promote the further application of cloud technology. Functions that require a lot of computing power will be transferred to the BMW cloud to process big data and complex tasks through the BMW cloud computing center.
IDrive said it will be equipped with 30gbit technology, which is 10 times faster than BMW's 30gbit system.