ASML began to develop EUV photoresist 20 years ago: Canon and Nikon in Japan are too complicated

ASML has become the world's largest photoresist manufacturer, and the top EUV photoresist is the exclusive monopoly.
When communicating with the media a few days ago, Tony yen, vice president of ASML technology development, confirmed the previous speculation. He said that EUV photoresist currently has three major customers, namely TSMC, Samsung and Intel.
As for why canon and Nikon, who also manufacture lithography machines, left behind in EUV, yen pointed out that we developed EUV from around 2000 and decided to produce such lithography in large quantities.
The Japanese didn't do that because they thought the system was too complex. In fact, we were not 100 percent convinced that EUV lithography was a success.

Of course, yen mentioned that Zeiss, Cymer (which has been acquired by ASML) and other enterprises are also involved in the success of EUV lithography, among which Zeiss exclusively sells semiconductor related exposure products to ASML.
According to the official data, last year, the global total sales volume of lithography machines was 413, of which ASML sold 258, accounting for 62%, Canon sold 122, accounting for 30%, and Nikon sold 33, accounting for 8%. In terms of the types of photoresists, Nikon mainly shipped ARF immersion and ARF dry, while Canon mainly shipped KrF and i-line (69%).