TSMC allocates production capacity in the second quarter, 5G, automotive chips dominate

Since the second half of last year, the global foundry capacity has continued to be in short supply. Facing the phenomenon that foundry production capacity is still tight, TSMC has begun to coordinate the allocation of production capacity in the second quarter of 2021.

According to DigiTimes, TSMC’s production capacity in the second quarter is dominated by orders for 5G, high-speed computing (HPC), and automotive electronics-related chips. The industry expects that MediaTek and foreign automotive chip manufacturers will successfully obtain more chips. Round foundry production capacity.

Unfortunately for other chip suppliers that will postpone their shipments, apart from waiting in line in the short term, they can only find another way, hoping to find more capacity support in wafer foundries other than TSMC, otherwise the company's revenue in 2021 And profit growth goals may have to be forced to discount.

Earlier news said that due to the shortage of chips, the production of cars was stopped. For this reason, the United States, Germany, and Japan had to seek help from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., which controls the chip foundry market, hoping to obtain more automotive chips for their own car companies. And chip makers such as TSMC have agreed to give priority to the supply of automotive chips. It now appears that TSMC has indeed taken action to ease the tension on automotive chips.