Chinese scientists spot 'space typhoon' over Arctic

Recently, the space environment foundation integrated monitoring network (meridian project phase ii) Zhang Qinghe space science research institute of shandong university, one of the construction team with its international research team led by professor with Chinese Academy of Sciences, the national space science center (hereinafter referred to as the "space center") Wang Chi academician team, for the first time in the arctic found similar typhoon "typhoon" in space.

According to the report, the team found that "space typhoons" are caused by the solar wind-magnetosphere coupling. During the long period of extreme geomagnetic calm and the northward direction of the interplanetary magnetic field, the tail flap magnetic reconnection process occurs continuously at the high latitude tail lobe of the earth's magnetosphere, which leads to the formation of a huge clockwise funnel-shaped magnetic spiral structure between the magnetosphere and the ionosphere above the magnetic pole point of the North Pole. This structure forms a channel through which the charged particles of solar wind directly enter the middle and upper atmosphere of the Earth and the charged particles escape to the magnetosphere, which greatly improves the coupling efficiency of solar wind-magnetosphere energy. This indicates that even under extremely calm geomagnetic conditions, there may still exist local intense geomagnetic disturbance and energy injection phenomenon comparable to that during super geomagnetic storm activity, which updated people's understanding of the coupling process of solar wind, magnetosphere and ionosphere.

The high frequency radar of Zhongshan Station in Antarctic of China's meridian project plays an important supporting role in this research.

Meanwhile, meridian project phase ii will be in the construction of our country and north and south poles, including three station type high frequency radar, 192 sets of equipment, to develop more stations, chain type, many elements and many methods of space environment monitoring, the will to understand "typhoon" space space such as the environment, the change rule of severe space weather in order to promote research on the coupling space systems and multiple spheres of the earth, improve original scientific research ability in the field of space weather in China play an important role.