Amd has solved the USB disconnection problem of 500 Series mainboard, and agesa microcode will be released soon

Many users of AMD500 system have USB disconnection problems. When connecting USB port of motherboard, keyboard, mouse, external sound card, VR head on display and other products, there will be no response and disconnection fault. Amd officials acknowledged the fault on March 7 and made temporary recommendations for repair.

Amd today announced that the failure should be resolved and the agesa microcode is due to be released.
"Thank you very much for the feedback from reddit community users to AMD," said the official reddit account of AMD. With your help, we believe that the root cause of USB disconnection has been found and a series of solutions have been developed to fix the following problems: USB port disconnection, USB2.0 audio device explosion, usb/pciegen4 can not coexist.
AMD is preparing the motherboard microcode for agesa, which is scheduled to be sent to the motherboard manufacturer for testing within a week. Consumers are expected to download the beta BIOS update in early April, with the specific plan subject to official information from the motherboard manufacturer.
Amd official Xuan has solved USB disconnection of 500 system motherboard, and agesa microcode will be released soon
It family understands that if users still encounter USB disconnection failure after updating agesa.2.0.2, amd recommends that users download independent bug reporting tools and contact amd customer support.