Apple's own 5g baseband will appear in 2023

According to blayne Curtis and Thomas O'Malley, analysts at Barclays, Apple's own 5g cellular modem is expected to appear in all iPhone models in 2023.

Chip makers qorvo and Broadcom should be among the companies that have benefited from the shift to Apple's internal solutions.
As we all know, apple acquired most of Intel's smartphone modem business a year ago to strengthen its baseband self-development process. In other words, Apple has begun to develop modems in 2020. The company has previously said that Apple's self-developed modem will support both sub-6ghz and millimeter wave as expected.
Apple now uses Qualcomm's modems, including the snapdragon x55 modem for the iPhone 12 series.
In 2019, a legal settlement between apple and Qualcomm showed that Apple may use X60 modem in its iPhone in 2021 and X65 modem in its iPhone in 2022. The roadmap does mention the possibility that the iPhone will use the unpublished X70 in 2023, but now it seems that this possibility is very small.