Facebook and tiktok compete for Internet Celebrities: 1 minute video can also be used for advertising

Facebook plans to show more ads in short videos as part of its efforts to attract more social media creators and compete with tiktok. According to a blog post published on Thursday, Facebook will display ads in videos that are one minute or longer, compared with three minutes before. Facebook will also relax its standards to attract more creators of live or short videos.

"Our goal is to make sure we can generate revenue from more content," said Yoav Arnstein, Facebook's director of product management. We know that short videos are more and more popular with users. " Facebook will split 45% of the ads and the rest will be owned by content creators. The changes announced on Thursday may help attract short video creators who are popular on social media platforms such as snap's snapchat and tiktok. Facebook said it was also trying other ways to generate revenue for creators through Facebook stories.
The rapid rise of tiktok has triggered a new round of competition for video creators, and social media companies have provided new ways for creators to generate income. Creators and businesses can also generate revenue through Facebook's subscription programs, paid digital conferences, and fees from fans and brand partners.