Tencent's Rog game mobile phone 5: the first overseas push update: new somatosensory gestures and multiple themes

Tencent's Rog game phone 5 series was officially released on March 10. This product is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 888 processor, 144hz high brush screen, 8GB + 128GB version, the price is 3999 yuan; Tencent Rog game phone 5pro with 16GB + 512gb storage, the price is 7999 yuan. In addition, there is the phantom version, which is equipped with up to 18gb of memory and 512gb of storage. The price is 8499 yuan.

According to the official ASUS English forum, the phone launched its first update on March 11, with the version number of 18.0830.2101.73. It is worth noting that the name of mobile phone outside Chinese mainland is ROGPhone5.
According to the official announcement, this update strengthens the amourycrate system mode and adds an animation editor to facilitate personalized creation. Air triggers features new somatosensory gestures, which can be used to control the game and improve the operation experience. A new event mode has been added to the mobile phone, which is specially designed for E-sports. During the game, you can press and hold the power button to open the menu and turn it on or off.
It home has learned that Tencent's Rog game mobile phone 5 has also added Akira personage exclusive theme pack and a number of Rog mobile phone exclusive themes jointly created with popular games. In addition, the update also optimizes the camera experience, improves system stability and charging stability.