The number of tiktok employees in Europe has doubled in half a year to over 3000

In the past six months, the number of European employees in the tiktok TikTok has doubled, and plans to re engineer three offices in London.
Tiktok currently employs more than 3000 people in Europe, almost double the 1600 in September last year, most of whom work in the UK and Ireland.

Tiktok has signed a 15 year new office lease with the kaleidoscope development in East London, which is close to London's technology centre. The 88500 square foot (8222 square meters) office can accommodate 850 employees, while others will remain in tiktok's existing office in Paddington, London. Meanwhile, the company has moved into a third office at SOHO works in central London.
Tiktok has yet to decide how to allocate its European staff to multiple offices, people familiar with the matter said. Previously, the company had placed its London employees in a Wework shared office space that had long been unable to meet demand.
"Tiktok's rapid growth in the UK is in line with the broader picture of its global success and expansion," said Matt Navarra, a social media commentator. If you look at the number of jobs tiktok is currently recruiting in the UK, plus the office space it has recently purchased and leased, you will see that it actually wants to build its London office into a European headquarters. "
Most of tiktok's growth is likely to come from the monetized elements of the business, Navarra said. "Many of the vacancies are related to marketing, business collaboration and sales, which will become more important as tiktok moves away from focusing on acquiring new users to developing its advertising platform to better compete with digital advertising giants like Facebook," he said. In view of this, I think we will start to see tiktok accelerate the release of new advertising platform functions and tools for advertisers in 2021. "
Tiktok declined to disclose the cost of leasing the kaleidoscope office or whether it would serve as the company's UK, European or global headquarters. Last year, tiktok considered setting up the company's global headquarters in London, but in July, media reported that tiktok's parent company eventually abandoned the plan.
Although tiktok faces increasing competition from similar applications such as YouTube shorts and instagram reels, it continues to grow rapidly. According to sensor tower, a business intelligence analysis agency for mobile applications, tiktok continues to dominate the list of applications, with more than 2 billion downloads in 2020.