China's semiconductor industry is developing rapidly, and Japanese machine tool manufacturers' orders are reaching a new high

Due to China's active investment in semiconductor equipment and a sharp increase in orders, Japan's machine tool orders in February exceeded the 100 billion yen mark for the first time in 19 months, the highest in recent years.

Japan Machine Tool Industry Association (jmtba) released statistical data on March 9, pointing out that due to the huge number of new orders from China, the total order amount of Japan machine tool in February 2021 increased by 36.7% compared with the same month last year to 105.553 billion yen (about 6.32 billion yuan), showing growth for the fourth consecutive month, reaching a record of 3 years (February 2018) For the first time in 19 months (since July 2019), the monthly order volume has exceeded 100 billion yen (about 5.99 billion yuan), reaching a new high in nearly two years (since May 2019).
In February, Japan's domestic orders for machine tools shrank by 4.8% to 30.462 billion yen (about 1.82 billion yuan) compared with the same month last year, falling into a contraction for the 27th consecutive month; foreign trade orders surged by 66.0% to 75.091 billion yen (about 4.49 billion yuan), showing an increase for the fourth consecutive month, with an increase rate of more than 20% for the fourth consecutive month, and the monthly orders for 23 months( For the first time since March 2019, it has exceeded 70 billion yen (about 4.91 billion yuan).
Jmtba said that "in addition to China, orders from Europe and North America have also improved to some extent.". A large machine tool factory said, "in China and other Asian regions, the semiconductor industry equipment investment is active.".
According to the historical data released by jmtba, in January 2021, Japan's machine tool orders from China surged 1.4 times compared with the same month last year to 25.705 billion yen (about 1.59 billion yuan), showing growth for the eighth consecutive month; the machine tool orders sold to North America shrank 22.5% to 14.085 billion yen (about 843 million yuan), showing growth for the second consecutive month The volume of orders to Europe shrank by 12.9% to 10.776 billion yen (about 640 million yuan).
Semiconductor material processing technology and equipment research and development need to rely on CNC machine tools, and Japan's machine tool technology is in a leading position in the world. Japan's CNC machine tool technology is needed in the cutting of polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon, semiconductor wafer cutting and ultra precision grinding of large-size silicon wafer.