SMIC international 14 nm yield catch up with platform Jidian, some mature process orders have been arranged until next year

According to the supply chain, the yield of SMIC's 14nm process products has reached 90% - 95% of the same level as that of TSMC. At present, SMIC's production capacity is full, and some mature process orders have been scheduled to 2022.
It home learned that on March 3, SMIC announced that SMIC signed a purchase order with ASMC group for the purchase of ASMC products for wafer production. According to the price of ASMC products purchased by ASMC, the total cost of ASMC purchase is US $1201598880. This part is mainly DUV lithography machine.
SMIC has obtained some US supply licenses, mainly covering semiconductor equipment for mature process. Officials also said that they would do their best to continue to work with global industry chain partners to ensure that the company's production continuity and expansion plans will not be affected.
According to the introduction, SMIC international is one of the world's leading IC wafer foundry enterprises. It is also an IC manufacturing enterprise with the most advanced technology, the most complete supporting facilities, the largest scale and transnational operation in mainland China, providing 0.35 micron to 14 nanometer manufacturing.
SMIC has a 300 mm wafer plant, a 200 mm wafer plant and a 300 mm advanced equipment process wafer joint venture in Shanghai; a 300 mm wafer plant and a 300 mm wafer plant in Beijing; a 200 mm wafer plant in Tianjin and Shenzhen; and a 300 mm joint venture in Jiangyin.