Payment function infringement? Samsung sued by proxense in the US

Proxense, a mobile payment technology company, recently filed a lawsuit in Texas district court, accusing Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Samsung Electronics USA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Samsung") of infringing its biometric technology and other related patents.
Einpresswire reported that the patents involved were US patents 8352730, 9049188, 9235700, 9298905 and 10698989 owned by proxense.
Proxense pointed out in the lawsuit that Samsung infringed its patent by manufacturing, using, selling and providing mobile payment products including Samsung payment and mobile devices with Samsung payment function, and listed Galaxy series smartphones and tablets as infringing products.

Proxense claims that Samsung committed intentional infringement because Samsung received a patent infringement notice from the company in 2017. Proxense is currently seeking injunctive relief and monetary compensation.
In addition, proxense said that the company has made significant contributions to the $1 billion mobile payment industry, with more than 65 patent portfolios, including proximity detection, multi factor authentication, secure mobile data storage, multi service management, secure two-way messaging and local and remote monitoring.