Huawei P50 PRO toughened film exposure: four curved border extremely narrow screen account for a new high

Huawei's P50 flagship phones are expected to be officially released on April 17.
According to previous releases, Huawei's P50 series will continue its previous product strategy and is expected to provide three versions of standard, pro and pro+.

Today, a photo of the toughened film of Huawei P50 Pro Factory is revealed, and the screen design scheme of the machine is revealed.
It can be seen from the picture that Huawei P50 Pro will adopt four surface scheme, in which micro curved design is adopted on both sides, and the curvature of both sides is larger, but the surrounding borders are obviously narrowed and the screen proportion will reach a new height in history.
It is worth mentioning that the blogger also revealed that Huawei P50 Pro will change its usual "pill type" double hole drilling scheme, adopting the mainstream single hole screen in the center, which improves the visual effect of the screen, and further improves the screen proportion, and the screen use experience can achieve leapfrog improvement.
In addition to the upgrade of screen design, there was a message that Huawei P50 series will bring more powerful image system. It will be the standard Sony imx800 CMOS for the whole system. This is the largest sensor ever made by Sony. It is stronger than the isocell GN2 just launched by Samsung, with a 1 inch super bottom, and it will also become the largest bottom cell phone sensor in the world.
With the unique ryyb filter array, the P50 series will become the most powerful photo model in Huawei's history.
As for the core configuration, the hardware configuration of the three new devices of the P50 series of Huawei is slightly different, among which P50 pro and P50 pro+ will be equipped with the top-level Huawei processor, Kirin 9000, while the standard version will be slightly inferior and equipped with the Kirin 9000e processor.