80Gbps? Intel predicts lightning 5 interface: speed may double

Starting with tiger Lake processor last year, Intel introduced thunderbolt 4 (commonly known as lightning 4) interface as the basic function. The speed of 40Gbps is far higher than the current USB 3.2 / 3.1 interface. In addition, data transmission, power supply and video take all, with a unified interface.

After thunder 4? Intel has started to prepare its successor now, and it has not yet been clearly named. It is estimated that it will be called thunderbolt 5. Ben hacker, IO strategy director of Intel's customer computing connection department, talked about the next generation of standards in an interview with th website.
According to him, the development of thunder and lightning 5 is in place, and the goal is to challenge higher speed. "Intel is very confident that it will speed up again somewhere. It's not specific yet. The speed may double."
Considering that the speed of lightning 4 40Gbps is actually the same as that of lightning 3, lightning 5 should double the speed this time, and is expected to reach the ultra-high speed rate of 80gbps, which is equivalent to the speed of 10Gb / s, much faster than that of the PCI 4.0 X4 hard disk. The theoretical speed of the latter is only 8GB / s, much faster than that of the USB interface.
Of course, Intel's statement is more implicit, because it will take at least a few years for the lightning 5 interface, so whether the speed can reach 80GB / S is not 100% certain, and doubling the speed may also mean other places.
In addition, lightning 5 is basically certain, that is, it will continue to use the usb-c physical interface, so compatibility will continue to maintain, easy to use.