Amd Rx 6700xt video card release game performance super RTX 30 graphics card

On March 4, 2021, amd officially released its new graphics card Rx 6700xt, with an official price of $479.
In terms of specific configuration, this Rx 6700xt graphics card uses 40cu, GPU frequency can reach 2424mhz, is equipped with 96MB unlimited cache, memory capacity is 12gb, the overall power consumption is 230W.

Amd said the card is mainly used for 2K games, and the number of frames in five games exceeds that of NVIDIA's previous generation RTX 2080 super. Compared with NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics card, amd Rx 6700xt is ahead of RTX 3070 in five games.
AMD and its partner's RX 6700 XT graphics card will be available on March 18.