German 78 year old professor claims to crack RSA encryption Chinese expert: impossible

Claus Peter Schnorr, a 78 year old German professor, recently published a paper on the preprint website, claiming that he cracked RSA encryption, which is known as the world's most secure encryption system.
According to the introduction of Wikipedia, RSA encryption algorithm is an asymmetric encryption algorithm, which is widely used in public key encryption and e-commerce.

RSA was proposed by Ron Rivest, ADI Shamir and Leonard Adleman in 1977. All three of them were working at MIT. RSA is a combination of the first letters of their surnames.
Schnorr, who is known for cracking RSA ciphers, is also a big name in the industry. He is 78 years old this year. He is a professor of mathematics and computer science department of Frankfurt University, Germany, a well-known mathematician and cryptographer. Schnorr Signature Algorithm is named after him.
For schnauer's claim to crack RSA encryption, the industry is still waiting for a detailed paper, and the paper on the preview website is not a complete version.
As for the possibility of RSA being cracked, some experts say that if it is true, it will affect the security of some applications. However, some domestic experts say that this paper is wrong and some loopholes have been found. The conclusion of the paper is "hard to say at present, it may not be reliable.". (schnauer) is old.