Global sales myth! Wuling macro Mini sold 200000 units in 200 days: female car owners over 60%

For an electric vehicle, what is the concept of selling 1000 vehicles a day? It must be even a fuel vehicle. There are only a few models in China that can achieve this goal. However, Wuling macro Mini EV, with the ultimate price performance ratio of 28800 yuan and the leading and young business philosophy, has easily achieved such success and set another sales myth of global electric vehicles.
A few days ago, according to the official news of SAIC GM Wuling, Hongguang miniev, which just won the top sales of global single new energy vehicle in January, has set a new record: it has been on the market for 200 days, and its sales volume has exceeded 200000, becoming the record maker of global small new energy vehicle sales.
According to reports, in January, with the sales of 36762 vehicles, it became the world's single new energy vehicle sales champion, becoming the real light of domestic products.
In this event, Hongguang miniev once again set a new record: 200 days sales exceeded 200000 units, equivalent to an average of 1000 units per day, becoming the global record maker of small new energy vehicle sales.
Meanwhile, within 200 days, Wuling has built 215 Wuling new energy experience stores in 185 cities, demonstrating its strong channel construction strength.
According to Wuling's official data, Hongguang miniev's post-90s users account for 72%, and the trend of youth is very significant. Female car owners account for more than 60%, and they are favored by a group of lovely "Wuling girls". The city with the highest sales volume is Shanghai.
Today, Hongguang miniev is not only a scooter, but also a "big toy" for adults. It has become a new social equipment for Chinese young people.