Xiaomi new patent exposure: mobile phone camera module adopts flip design to achieve better overall screen effect

A design patent of Xiaomi's mobile phone camera module, in which the front camera is cancelled, the rear three cameras and flash are arranged horizontally, and four cameras can be selected, and the flip design is adopted.

At the end of 2019, Xiaomi applied to USPTO for a patent of "camera module, terminal device and image capture technology". The patent was published on February 18 this year, after which it was included in the WIPO database.
Patent display: the mobile phone adopts a large full screen with narrow screen frame, so users can enjoy a larger screen proportion. The camera can't be seen from the front, and the receiver is placed in the frame.
Through a drive motor to move the camera up, and then rotate around the axis, the rear camera can be used as the front camera. Therefore, unlike the folding camera used by ASUS zenfone 6, the working principle of rotation is also different from that of Samsung Galaxy A80, because when using the latter, part of the structure will move with it. Xiaomi's patent shows that only the camera system can rotate automatically to take self portraits.
If the main camera is used as the front camera, it can take better quality photos and save space and cost.
In January this year, Xiaomi won a patent called "electronic devices and hidden cameras", which uses a rotatable pop-up camera and can also take two-way photos. Xiaomi is undoubtedly one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers applying for pop-up camera patents, but it is unclear whether and when Xiaomi will apply the patented technology to terminal products.