Baidu publishes a number of patents related to automatic driving

Yesterday, Beijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd. disclosed two patents entitled "self driving vehicles and systems for self driving vehicles", with the publication numbers of cn112389461a and cn112389353a respectively, and the application dates are August 2019.
Both patent abstracts show that embodiments of the present disclosure relate to autonomous vehicles and systems for autonomous vehicles.
In addition, baidu also disclosed a "vehicle power supply control system, electric vehicle and vehicle power supply control method", with the public number of cn112389199a and the application date of August 2019.

The patent abstract shows that the embodiment of the invention discloses a vehicle power supply control system, an electric vehicle and a vehicle power supply control method. In the embodiment of the invention, the automatic driving electrical components can be independently controlled, so as to avoid the influence of the working voltage fluctuation of the vehicle end electrical components on the voltage of the automatic driving electrical components, and improve the working stability of the automatic driving electrical components.