WPS supports the direct opening of Chinese self-developed ofd format documents

WPS officially announced that it supports opening ofd format documents directly. Maybe you are still unfamiliar with it, but it is widely used in various occasions. For example, the invoice format issued by the tax bureau is gradually replaced by ofd instead of PDF.
So what is the ofd format? How to open with WPS? Let's take you to the bottom.
It home learned that the national standard format ofd is the abbreviation of open fixed layout document, which is an electronic document format independently developed in China.

Format document is different from the common stream document (such as Doc, docx document). It has the advantages of fixed layout, no running version, and can keep consistent display in different devices. It is suitable for serious and formal scenes, such as invoices, official letters, business contracts, etc. Compared with the current mainstream format PDF format, the characteristics of ofd format are that it is a format standard independently developed and formulated by our country, and it is also a national standard formulated by the format writing group established by the China Institute of electronic technology standardization, led by the software department of the Ministry of industry and information technology.
WPS supports opening ofd format documents directly
Its main advantages are as follows:
Consistent presentation: permanently readable and available, it can save the file for a long time and accurately present it, so that the layout content of the file can be consistent in different scenes and devices
Not easy to tamper: support domestic encryption algorithm, with a comprehensive security system, can prevent information from being stolen, and combined with digital signature technology, more secure
Easy to expand: Extensible Markup Language XML is used to describe the data and structure inside the document, which is compact, safe and open
Smaller size: the number of bytes is much smaller than that of other types of documents, which means that the speed of opening and writing documents is faster, the amount of computation is smaller at run time, and less resources are occupied
Which versions of WPS support ofd? The current supported WPS versions are as follows:
WPS 2021 annual update (Windows version)
WPS office Android (version 13.4 and above)
WPS office IOS (11.4.0 and above)
After the above version is installed successfully, you can directly open the ofd file.