Ska, the world's largest radio telescope, will be built in July 2020

The square kilometer array radio telescope (ska), the largest telescope in the history of mankind, will start construction in July 2021. It is estimated that 10% of the scale will be completed and put into observation in 2028. The two sites are located in South Africa, eight countries in southern Africa and the western part of Australia.
Ska has shifted from conceptual design to engineering implementation. "Giant eye" looking into space will bring new cosmic information and make major scientific discoveries. Ska is a global scientific device built by more than ten countries and beyond national boundaries.
As the main sponsor and member of ska, China has established clear scientific goals and development roadmap. In the next 10 years, China's ska scientific team will carry out research and tackling key problems in 10 scientific directions, including cosmic re ionization detection, pulsar search, time measurement and gravitational theory test.